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Get the lotion ready, you may need it.   In this gay video clip, we find Luckas Layton straddled on top of his buddy Russell, and he is taking that cock deep in his ass.   Riding him cowboy style, Luckas is making sure to go deep to get maximum pleasure.  This UK twink porn star has wanted Russell’s cock for a long time and thanks to Boyfun Collection, it happened.

The full high resolution video of Luckas Layton and Russell is hot and kinky.  These twinks really let it all hang out in this one.

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Office Chair Masturbation

Who here loves watching hot boys masturbating while they themselves masturbate to online porn?   Well that is exactly the scene here as Luckas Layton is naked in his office chair watching online gay porn and busting a nut.   I wonder what video this twink is watching from BFCollection?   You got to see how big a load he blows onto his tight tummy by the end of this set.

Luckas Layton Cock & Ass

Well this set starts off with a bang.   Luckas has his briefs down past his ass cheeks while he tucks his cock and balls behind him.   I’d wreck this bottom boy.

Luckas Strokes Cock

How cute is this twink from the UK?  His face is so adorable.   Luckas is all business in this set though as he is super horny and he intends to correct that.

Luckas Jerks Off

What a nice shot of this boy as Luckas Layton has his left foot up on top of his computer desk while he continues to stroke his uncut cock.   Now all we need to see is the massive load of cum about to explode from the tip of his dick!

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British Twink Luckas Masturbates

Sexy British twink Luckas Layton is ready to entertain you, all while getting himself off.   He got into porn because his sexual energy runs on high all the time, and he also found it a major turn on to know thousands of guys are out there beating off to him.   In this set from Boyfun, Luckas is laying in his bed with his cock in hand, with the only thought of masturbating on his brain.

Luckas Layton Cock

Look at that not yet hard uncut penis popped out the top of his briefs.  Who want’s to juggle his nuts in their mouth?

Luckas Layton Strokes Penis

Luckas has a kung-fu grip on his uncut dick as he slowly jerks off.   What a fit body on this English twink porn star.

Luckas Layton Masturbates

Luckas Layton is deep into his masturbation now, and he is really enjoying it.   Stroking with his left hand, and rubbing his balls with the right he has his penis bouncing with hormones now.   That cock is moments away from becoming a geyser.    Cleanup on Luckas Layton’s stomach please!

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Luckas Rubs His Cock & Balls

Horny and ready to bust a nut we find gay porn star from England, Luckas Layton as he lays on the floor in only his underwear.   Luckas starts to pull off his briefs and free his one eyed monster.   Some light rubbing on his cock & balls just gets the blood flowing harder, and now this gay twink is extremely turned on.  By the end of the full video at BFCollection, Luckas Layton has sent a major stream of jizz all over his tight stomach.

This UK twink is not done stroking his cock, and he’d love to show you the power of his load.

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Luckas Layton Eats Xander’s Ass

Here we go with another excellent hardcore fuck set of British twink Luckas Layton.  Usually a bottom boy, this time Luckas is assuming the top as he sticks his dick deep into Xander’s ass.  But first the boys make out and then blow each other in this set from Boyfun Collection.    You will love the 3rd preview photo in this set as Luckas gets right up in there and eats out Xander’s asshole.

Luckas & Xander Kissing

Xander gets on top of Luckas in the bed and the boys begin a hardcore make-out session.   These boys are bringing the passion.

Luckas Layton Xander

Now shirtless, Luckas turns the tables and mounts on top of his boy Xander.   He wants that cock in his mouth now.

Luckas Layton Eats Ass

Xander is flat on his stomach and his dick is tucked down between his legs as he moans with pleasure.  And he should be moaning as his buddy Luckas Layton has his tongue deep inside Xander’s asshole.   These boys are getting down to business.   Luckas assumes the top position today and fucks that ass like a champ.

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Russell Pounds Luckas Layton’s Ass

You’ve seen English gay porn star Luckas Layton jerking off on this blog already, but now we want to give you some hardcore action.  In this set from BFCollection, Luckas has met up with his buddy Russell for a little fun any games.  These boys proceed to blow each other first.  After some great head, Luckas pleads with Russell to come fuck his ass, that’s exactly what goes down.

Russell & Luckas Layton

These two horny twinks are having a little fun first as they playfully fight and knock each others arms away.  Next up a sword fight.

Luckas Layton Blows Russell

The foreplay has ended and we find Luckas with Russell’s cock in his mouth.  That thick cock takes up a lot of space!

Russell Fucks Luckas Layton

Bottom boy Luckas Layton takes his position on the couch and sticks his ass out towards Russell and pleads to get ass fucked.   Russell can’t wait to get his thick cock into that British ass.   With every thrust of his hips, Luckas lets out a moan.   The boys finish fucking, then continue to blow each other in the 69 position.   The set ends with both boys letting loose a massive stream of cum.

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Luckas Masturbates Watching Porn

Today we get to watch UK porn star Luckas Layton masturbating while watching porn videos from Boyfun Collection.  Sitting back in his office chair, Luckas is stroking his uncut cock while his eyes are fixated on his computer monitor showing some hardcore gay action.   He is super turned on and he won’t stop till he sends a cumshot all over his chest.

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Luckas Layton Jerks Off To Porn

Horny and wanting to blow his load, we find British gay star Luckas Layton in front of his MAC computer looking at porn.   Turned on, Luckas pulls his jeans and underwear off and we get our first look at his uncut cock.   As the set inside BFCollection continues, Luckas Layton starts jerking off and eventually blows his load onto his stomach.   He is unable to resist the urge to eat his own cum.

Luckas Layton Rubs Cock

British twink Luckas has his left hand down his pants as he rubs his cock and balls until it screams to be released.

Luckas Layton Gay Twink

Sitting on his computer desk, Luckas slides his briefs off his body and his uncut cock comes out to play.  Now to get it hard.

Luckas Layton Cock

Luckas Layton has rubbed and stroked his cock hard, now its time to bust a nut.   Luckas watches the porn inside BFCollection as he jerks off and then BOOM, a massive explosion of jizz.   Luckas loves the taste of his own cum, so he proceeds to eat some of it.

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Gay Porn Star Luckas Layton Ass

21 year old Luckas Layton is from the UK, and this British gay porn star is ready to get you off.   Luckas first takes his blue t-shirt off his fit body before he begins to play with his cock.   Once his dick is fully erect, Luckas turns over on his knees and sticks his well used ass in your face.   Who wants first crack at tearing this guy up?  By the end of the Boyfun set, Luckas Layton has cummed all over his chest, which he then wipes off with his underwear.

Twink Luckas Layton

Fit twink Luckas Layton pulls his t-shirt up over his head and shows off his hairy pits.   Who wants to lick those nipples?

Luckas Layton Fondles Cock

English gay porn star Luckas pulls down the front of his underwear and starts to massage his cock.

Luckas Layton Ass

Luckas Layton has hit the gay porn world in stride and as you can see he loves getting his ass fucked.   His asshole has seen a lot of cock in its day, and he would love to get even more soon.

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